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Address Register Memory-Reference Instructions

The group of additional instructions with 002200 and 002300 as the prefix permits additional operations to be performed with the various address registers:

002200 100xxx  SWBR   Swap Base Register
002200 101xxx  CBR    Compare Base Register
002200 102xxx  LBR    Load Base Register
002200 103xxx  STBR   Store Base Register
002200 104xxx  ABR    Add Base Register
002200 105xxx  SBR    Subtract Base Register

002200 112xxx  LBRA   Load Base Register with Address
002200 113xxx  XBR    XOR Base Register
002200 114xxx  NBR    AND Base Register
002200 115xxx  OBR    OR Base Register

002200 120xxx  SWSB   Swap Scratchpad Base
002200 121xxx  CSB    Compare Scratchpad Base
002200 122xxx  LSB    Load Scratchpad Base
002200 123xxx  STSB   Store Scratchpad Base
002200 124xxx  ASB    Add Scratchpad Base
002200 125xxx  SSB    Subtract Scratchpad Base

002200 132xxx  LSBA   Load Scratchpad Base with Address
002200 133xxx  XSB    XOR Scratchpad Base
002200 134xxx  NSB    AND Scratchpad Base
002200 135xxx  OSB    OR Scratchpad Base

002300 100xxx  SWPSB  Swap Pointer Scratchpad Base
002300 101xxx  CPSB   Compare Pointer Scratchpad Base
002300 102xxx  LPSB   Load Pointer Scratchpad Base
002300 103xxx  STPSB  Store Pointer Scratchpad Base
002300 104xxx  APSB   Add Pointer Scratchpad Base
002300 105xxx  SPSB   Subtract Pointer Scratchpad Base

002300 112xxx  LPSBA  Load Pointer Scratchpad Base with Address
002300 113xxx  XPSB   XOR Pointer Scratchpad Base
002300 114xxx  NPSB   AND Pointer Scratchpad Base
002300 115xxx  OPSB   OR Pointer Scratchpad Base

002300 120xxx  SWASB  Swap Array Scratchpad Base
002300 121xxx  CASB   Compare Array Scratchpad Base
002300 122xxx  LASB   Load Array Scratchpad Base
002300 123xxx  STASB  Store Array Scratchpad Base
002300 124xxx  AASB   Add Array Scratchpad Base
002300 125xxx  SASB   Subtract Array Scratchpad Base

002200 132xxx  LASBA  Load Array Scratchpad Base with Address
002200 133xxx  XASB   XOR Array Scratchpad Base
002200 134xxx  NASB   AND Array Scratchpad Base
002200 135xxx  OASB   OR Array Scratchpad Base

These instructions are available as is from Normal Mode and Compact Mode. In Simple Mode, the prefix 002200 becomes 122000, and the prefix 002300 becomes 123000.

The LBRA instruction, as well as the LSBA, LPBSA, and LASBA instructions, instead of inspecting the contents of the location it refers to, merely places its address in the base register whose number is indicated by the dR field. When the base register field of an LBRA instruction is zero, rather than loading a three-bit register address in a base register, the LBRA instruction has a 32-bit address field following the first 16 bits of the instruction, and the entire immediate value is loaded into the base register selected by the destination register field of the instruction. If a nonzero index register value is selected, its contents are still added to the immediate value.

In addition, this prefix is used to create multiple-register instructions for the scratchpad pointer registers:

002300 162xxx xxxxx1  LMUS    Load Multiple Scratchpad
002300 163xxx xxxxx1  STMUS   Store Multiple Scratchpad
002300 164xxx xxxxx1  LMUPS   Load Multiple Pointer Scratchpad
002300 165xxx xxxxx1  STMUPS  Store Multiple Pointer Scratchpad
002300 166xxx xxxxx1  LMUAS   Load Multiple Array Scratchpad
002300 167xxx xxxxx1  STMUAS  Store Multiple Array Scratchpad

As well, some additional integer arithmetic instructions are made available with this prefix:

002200 016xxx  GFMB   Galois Field Multiply Byte
002200 036xxx  GFMH   Galois Field Multiply Halfword
002300 016xxx  GFM    Galois Field Multiply
002300 036xxx  GFML   Galois Field Multiply Long   

This instruction takes an even-numbered register as its destination. The product of the source and the destination, in a form of multiplication in which XOR replaces addition, is first calculated, and then the result is reduced to a length in bits one less than that of the modular polynomial by XORing it with the modular polynomial whenever its first bit is a 1 outside that length.

The modular polynomial, except for its last bit, which must be a 1, is taken from the register following the destination register. In the case of the GFML instruction, the following register pair is used, and the destination must be either register 0 or register 4.

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