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The UNTIL Statement

The UNTIL statement has the form

       UNTIL logical-expression,sequence

where sequence is one or more executable statements enclosed by statement brackets.

Its action is to cause the statements within sequence to be continuously executed until logical-expresssion acquires the value of true (_T).

The value of the expression upon entry into the UNTIL statement is ignored.

@-commented as WHILE. In addition, if the logical expression is a test for equality, @BECOMES= instead of @EQUALS= is recommended. (&'...' substitutes exist for separators, not for operators, so the equals sign cannot be replaced in this way.)

If the sequence argument is omitted, the statement must be numbered, and causes a REPEAT statement referring to that number to branch to the statement following the UNTIL statement if logical-expression has the value false. In this case, the reaction to an initially true logical expression is the same in both forms of the statement.

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